Let’s Get Creative

Untitled II by Jorge Pasado
Photo Credit: Valerie Mercado
On May fifteen Jorge Pasado held an art showing of his work. Pasado is a Columbian born American artist who draws body parts to express the human form in motion. Pasado uses a mix of charcoal acrylic and oil in his art.
Pasado paintings are very rough and explicit with an amount of aggressive you can see in his drawings. According to Pasado “It is my intention to be part of a collective memory, I use the human from to explore the body and the rituals of violence which are present in our global society”. The colors and images of Pasado’s work is very intense. When you look at these pieces you get a sense of the pain and emotion he had while sketching.
The art was imaginative and different for me. I enjoyed looking at Pasado’s work in the Jeffery Ledger gallery and hope to see more from him. Pasado is an up in coming artist who funds all of his work on his own. Pasado said,”When you have a passion you follow it”. Pasado’s work was for purchase and he stated that he is working on new material right now.
Pasado studio is located in Long Island and he will be hosting many displays of his future work. To hear Pasado excitement for his artwork made me feel inspired to follow my dreams. His artwork made me view society different and see how much oppression there is in it.


Nintendo Hustling

Nintendo Wii U system
Photo Credit: Kyle Fox
Nintendo launch their Wii U system last year November 18 but, the sales haven’t been good. The system comes in two versions one basic eight gigabyte set and a deluxe thirty-two gigabyte set. The basic set is priced at $299 and the deluxe is $350. Nintendo expectations were to sell millions of the Wii U but they only sold about two million. The system is underperforming so much that they have already begun lowering the price of the systems.
According to Nintendo they wanted to reinvent gaming and give gamers a new enjoyable experience. They hope to do this with the Wii U gamepad which is the tablet controller that allows you to watch television, surf the internet and play games on the gamepad when the television is off. Nintendo has failed to attract hardcore gamers. York College Junior Daniel Reyes an accounting major says,”The Wii U is wack nobody wants that stupid thing”.
Nintendo will have to launch more games to lure hardcore gamers to buy their new system according to multiple gaming sites. Especially when Microsoft and Sony are launching their new systems later this year. Nintendo isn’t giving up on their new system yet they say they will bring the games that gamers want and have more exclusives than other systems. Perhaps Nintendo can increase their system sales but if not they have to discontinue the Wii U which will be a major loss for Nintendo. Nintendo promises to surprise everyone at the Gaming conference E3 which takes place on June 11- 13 so we just have to wait and see.

Gaming knowledge

Game Informer magazine
Photo Credit: Kyle Fox
Game Informer magazine may be in trouble in the future because sales are down. The magazine informs gamers the new games that are coming out. The magazine also informs gamers on all the new technology gadgets coming out later this year. The magazine gives you game reviews to tell you what game is worth spending your money on.
The magazine has a print version and an online version which cost sixteen dollars. To subscribe and receive magazines for a year you must go to your local game retail stores or online at gameinformer.com. According to kotaku.com and other multiple gaming sites game informer magazine has a rocky road ahead of them.
They state that gamers just go online to see gaming news instead of subscribing to gaming magazines like they did in the past.
The future of how gamers receive they information may be changing. The one thing that isn’t changing is the gamers need to know what is new. Game informer might make a comeback if they simply change their approach to lure gamers to buy their magazine. Perhaps they need to change their advertising so they can maintain subscribers or else they won’t be able to stay in business.
The game informer magazine is one of the few gaming magazines that was making a profit. The internet makes it too easy for gamers to learn the gaming news without paying. So, game informer might have to merge with other online media magazines to stay afloat if their sales don’t increase this year.

Games Galore

Atlantic City Casinos

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Photo Credit: Kyle Fox

Casino games are helping the economy. The games at these casinos are flowing money into the economy. People go to these casinos and bet their money to win  but, most end up leaving with less then they came with. The casinos are the places where people go to have fun and win more money. The games at the casinos include slots,blackjack,roulette, and poker. Most games at these casinos are designed to take your money. The question is why do people gamble on these games with little chance to win? A Atlantic City resident Joy Tamuerelly says, “It’s fun to play and gives me something to do”.

The casinos have free drinks all night and open 24 hours a day. This makes it easy for people who are playing lose track of time and not think reasonable. The casino games are alluring with bright colors and sounds that make you want to play. A New York resident Troy Maron says, “The games talk to me and make me want to win”. The people in the casinos  come to escape and have fun. The games draw you in by allowing you to win a little then making you think you can win more.

All these casino games are a game of chance but most people lose track of how much they are spending. When people lose most of their money the casino benefits by gaining more money then they give to winners. Most people don’t care its all about having fun and enjoying yourself.

Reading is Fundamental

Nina Bannett reading her poems.
Photo Credit:Kyle Fox

Nina Bannett read her poems with CUNY students yesterday night at York College. Bannett who is an associate professor and department chair at City Tech college. Bannett read her published poems and some new ones to get our reaction to them. York College junior Maya Jones a journalism major said, ” Her poems are wack , I don’t like them.” Bannett was happy to take questions from students on her poems. Her favorite poets are Emily Dickerson and Natasha trethewey.

Bannett discussed each meaning behind her poems and her thoughts while writing them. She started writing poetry to express her emotions dealing with her mothers struggle with cancer and mental illness. Bannett said, “It was hard writing these poems because of my emotions, you know”. Her favorite poem she wrote is a poem called Abide with me which is about her mother struggle with mental illness. Bannett poems have dark tones to it. She expresses her dark thoughts and pain she was going through at the time she wrote it. York College senior Joseph Reed an accounting major said, “Her poems are deep but I like them.”

Bannett shared all of her poems that were published which included Weeping Tree Park, Empathy,The Laboratory and Tempest. She was excited to share all of her work with the students of York College. Bannett also told us that she would be delighted to do another poetry reading at York College because the students gave her a warm welcome.

The Game Of Life

Todd Maisel in CUNY York College classroom.

Todd Maisel was leaving after his discussion. Photo Credit: Kyle Fox

Todd Maisel a photojournalist who currently works for New York Daily News visited CUNY York College on March 21st. Maisel is the vice president of the National Press Photographers Association. Maisel who has been working in journalism for over 20 years talked about his experiences as a journalist. Maisel shared his photos and tips for taking good photos in journalism. Maisel began the discussion with his feelings on covering 9/11. Maisel also discussed how he was deeply affected by covering 9/11 which caused him Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Maisel showed us photos of him looking for survivors in the 9/11 debris.

Maisel also discussed photos he took of Hurricane Sandy and the earthquake in Haiti. Maisel showed us some gory pictures of the victims and the pain these  natural disasters caused them. Maisel  explained each photo and gave a little back story for each one.  Maisel also explained that covering these natural disasters isn’t easy seeing these people in pain and taking photos of them. Maisel also stated you have to respect the people you taking photos of and don’t be rude.  Maisel discussed these events in great detail because he stated that covering these disasters changed him as a person.

Maisel shared his best methods he uses to take great photos. The  first photo taking tip Maisel discussed was you always should take multiple photos of your subject. Maisel said it gives you more options in the selection process for the best photo. Next tip is you should always take photos from different angles so the photos have some variety. Another tip is that you should take photos in color and black & white because sometimes color takes the effect of the photo away. Finally the last photo taking tip is lighting is key in taking good photos because sometimes flash can really mess up your photos.  Maisel also shared his favorite cameras covering these events.

While Maisel discussed these great tips and experiences you got a real sense of who he is as a person. Masiel is very dedicated to his work and continues to do it because he loves it. All these experiences  that he covered really changed him as a person and made him grow. When he was discussing how much these experiences changed him as a person i realized that journalism is a serious career. I realized that Maisel is inspiring and isn’t playing any games he is a professional. I respected his passion while he discussed his life and career in class.  I begin to realize from him that being a great journalist your career  impacts your life and changes you.

Maisel discussion at CUNY York College was great. It made me see that covering some of these events as a journalist can be dangerous for your mental and physical health. He made me aware that a journalist gambles with his life for his career to get the story or photo. Maisel opened my eyes that  the life of journalist can be crazy just like a game you either win or lose but you have to take risks.

Luigi Is Back !

Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon Game and the Nintendo 3ds console it’s on
  The game before I started playing it.  Photo Credit:Kyle Fox

Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon was released yesterday for the Nintendo 3ds console. The game is a sequel to Luigi’s Mansion which was released for the Nintendo Gamecube in November 2001. Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon follows Luigi, Mario’s brother as he explores multiple mansions. Luigi explores these mansions for pieces of the Dark Moon which was destroyed by King Boo and released all the ghosts. Luigi’s goal is to collect all the pieces so he can destroy all the ghosts that were let free.

The  gameplay features multiple puzzles  that you have to solve using the vacuum cleaner Luigi is equipped with. Luigi also is equipped with the dark light and flash light to catch ghosts to suck them up with your vacuum cleaner. The whole adventure is over 20 hours of campaign and has hidden secrets and collectibles in each mansion that will keep you busy for many more hours. The ghosts  in the mansions varies from fat ghosts to skinny weird ghosts that change according to what mansion you in.This game is completely in 3D and has online multiplayer so you can explore  the mansions with your friends.

This game is fun and has fresh character design. The mansions are massive and very detailed. Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon is a great entry in the series and demonstrates that Luigi is a star on his own without Mario. This game is great and good to replay over and over again I’m enjoying it you should give this game a play. Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon is available at game retail stores and to download on the Nintendo eshop. I give  this game 8Fox-Cartoon-2040844out of 10.

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